Cricket Green Medical Practice

75-79 Miles Road, Mitcham


Clinical Commissioning Group

Diabetes reviews

We advise regular reviews for anyone diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes.

The review periods we suggest, for individual patients, may vary between 3 months to 6 months. The review period is decided taking into account current diabetes control, new tablets/insulin that may have been started or if Diabetes symptoms are present.

The aim of a regular review is to spot any problems with diabetes control and take action as soon as possible to improve diabetes control.

It is up to each patient to attend for their blood test and review when advised to do so by any member of the practices Diabetes team. All patients who attend are given a blood form following their review with the next date that the blood test and review are due, written down on the blood test form.

For some patients, who may be very overdue their Diabetes review, we do try to contact them by phone to invite them to attend. If this is not successful we do, in certain circumstances, switch their repeat medications to seven day issue only until they attend. We would prefer not to do this but unfortunately we do have to use this method to encourage patients to attend who may be very overdue their Diabetes review.