Cricket Green Medical Practice

75-79 Miles Road, Mitcham


Clinical Commissioning Group

Patient Participation Group

Email if you would like to get involved or leave your details at reception and the Patient Participation Group will contact you.

Aims And Objectives

Aims And Objectives of the PPG

Cricket Green Medical Practice

  1. To help doctors and surgery staff to provide, and patients to obtain, the best possible healthcare through discussion & feedback electronically and at meetings with surgery staff.
  2. Contribute to patient satisfaction through opinion surveys.
  3. Produce an annual newsletter for practice patients which will contain appropriate information on practice, local or national health matters.
  4. Organise, as required, appropriate educational seminars on health matters suggested by patients which will be open to all patients of the practice.
  5. Monitor activities of Merton Clinical Commissioning Group (from April 2013) and assess the effect any decisions or developments proposed by the Merton Clinical Commissioning Group may have on patients of this practice.
  6. Ensure that the group has a wide representational membership.


Members of the PPG

  • Maria Bentley-Dingwall